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About Us

As a leading provider of  catering services, Angel's take pride in offering the best . Angel's is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

Chef Angela  

Owner/Chef Apr 1997 - Present
Angel’s Culinary Connection

She manages, owns and operates Angel’s Culinary Connection.  She creates innovative dishes that are pleasing to the eye and desirable to the pallet.  She provides food services for private parties, weddings, banquets and special events.   She has catered event for up to 600 individuals.

With over 26 years of experience in making delicious dishes in restaurants and ownership of her own Catering Company, Chef Angela attributes the good taste and smell for food.  She has creativity to bring out new dishes, efficiently.  Her management skills include but are not limited to keeping work organized, and good communication.

 She has expertise in making cuisine at reduced cost without compromising the quality and taste of the dish.  She can handle high pressure environments and make dishes of good taste healthily in large volumes.  She stipulates time efficiently.

 Her Motto is simple:  “Let An Angel Cater Your Next Meal”

 Her Objective:
Her objective and long term goal is to utilize her abilities and experience for managing a team in making special variety dishes of different countries in a professional rewarding environment.

Education & Accomplishments:

·   Bachelor of Arts - Culinary Arts, 1996, Lederwolff Culinary Academy, Sacramento

  •    Life Membership Cooking Club of America

·   National Restaurant Association 

  • SERVSAFE Certified - Premier Safety

 Her Achievements & Skills:
• Have the ability and experience to prepare quality variety dishes in the stipulated time.
• Have expertise in variety of techniques in cooking to prepare healthy tasty dishes
• Have ability to produce cost-effective quality healthy delicious dishes by appropriate planning
• Have experience of managing all operations related to dishes in restaurants

Her Strengths:
• Can handle and prepare delicious quality healthy food to handle large orders in stipulated time.
• Efficient in making different delicious menus to attract clients

Efficient in cost control while preparing delicious quality healthy food and thereby gives profit to the organization as well as satisfactions to customers.